The nomad was proceeding in the middle of the desert. Barefoot and with broken clothes. Yet, given the pose and her confident walk, she was characterized by an ancestral charm. Her coat was worn out by the heat and the time. But it was golden and permeated by an ancient beauty, relic from a glorious past.

The woman, crossing the dunes, waved her hands and whispered words from an unknown language. Flowers bloomed from the soil, and strongly the grass stems spread. Shrubbery grew fierce, a forest was born in the middle of the sand. They were peach trees, delicately perfumed showing the colors of serenity.

The woman reached out and picked a peach. She tasted it: juicy, sweet, fresh as memory is. At the core, instead of a seed she found a ring of the same color of the peach which yielded its meaning: there, where the desert is, life can flourish.


Pink Quartz ring with hammered gold, embellished with two diamonds.

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