Universo: La Seconda Sorella Del Firmamento

Universe: the second sister of the Firmament

Three rings were given as a gift to the Sisters of the Firmament.

The middle one, who dominates space, was given the darkest aventurine. She might seem sage and impertinent at first sight, but far from being less charming than the others. She astounds with her silences and her peace, with her thoughts and the beauty of her living with no limits. Look at her while she attracts planets, nebulae, entire galaxies. An ancient knowledge permeates her essence, her respect and charm, always renewed, elevated her among men.

Although her fierce appearance she can be sweet, gentle and loving. She is the creator of the night stars, those far lights, those little lights, like pink sapphires, which make us feel less lonely in the vastness of the universe.


Carved Aventurine and gold ring: pink sapphire pave in the center.

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