Origine: la prima sorella del Firmamento

Origin: the first sister of the Firmament

Three rings were given as a gift to the sisters of the Firmament.

The first one, the oldest, was given the omniscient amethyst. Her face is enigmatic and very little is known of her character. She lives over the skies and the whole universe, she is the keeper of time, of the chronicles of existence. She is the one that always attracted intelligence, fantasy in men’s minds and force to their soul.

She governs the beginning of existence, when no planets existed and all the stars were a whole. The first explosion colored her pink and purple: it’s the reflex of the galaxies it holds, the universes it embraces. In her heart there is still place for emptiness, that of the beginning, a drop of sapphire. It’s where everything started, the farthest secret of the firmament. It will astonish you and warmly set you dreaming.


Carved amethyst and white gold ring: the bezel holds a blue cabochon sapphire.

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