Melodia Marina

Sea Melody

When the night came and the moon rose up in the sky, all the fish gathered at the center of the ocean. The water was calm and the world was waiting in silence.

Away from mankind, the fishes sang the most beautiful melody ever. Held by their voices, the surface of the sea stood high, so high it reached the stars.

From the dark sky, shrouded by a strong rain, the Lady of the water descended. She was dressed in dark and had a starry hair. She danced in the melody and walked barefoot on the surface of the sea. Her coat lifted in the air and her ankles where covered in salty foam.

When the rain went away, the Lady of the water vanished and all the fish disappeared into the ocean. Yet a ring was left, made of sky and sea: it floated on the water as if it was made of water itself.



Iolite ring: the white gold signet holding a Starred Sapphire.

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