Legend goes that no one survived when the conquerors arrived from the sea: the stone pyramid empires collapsed, any clay temples were destroyed, all the treasures were looted. Nothing was left of the ancient civilization of the Sun.

Among all, only the Jaguar priestess saved herself. By escaping in the forest she survived feeding herself of what nature had to offer, hunting, running, becoming lethal as a beast. The Jaguar brought strength to her legs, giving her the confidence of a predator.

The priestess leaped on the enemy wearing her golden mantle, touched by the wind. She reclaimed what once belonged to her: the ancient ring of the God, symbol of a noble and ancestral heritage. There, in that jewel, a fire heart is pulsating: the opal is the eye of the Jaguar, deep and calm, of someone who knows what she wants and in a leap, she grabs it.


Carved Lemon Quartz and yellow gold ring: the golden bezel holds a Mexican cabochon opal.

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