Seeing a young girl crying by the shore, the prince of Ice approached her.

“Why are you crying, sweet lady?”

“I don’t know what love is”, she answered.

He smiled and as soon as he caressed her head her tears froze and fell in the sand.

“Stop”, he said “don’t cry anymore”.

The young prince with topaz eyes vowed beside her and he lift her face, holding her chin in his hand.

“I’ve been watching you since a long time and I love you from the very first moment I saw you. Please, accept my gift and come with me”. At his motion a thick fog fell on the water and a long slab of ice appeared. So he offered her the one ring only the northern Gods possess: shiny quartz, light blue.

The girl forgot her sadness and held the hand of her future husband.


Tourmalinated Quartz ring: the white gold bezel holds a light blue topaz.

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