She cuddled her daughter every night. She would sit in the veranda, under the stars, holding her into the arms and bringing her to the chest. She caressed her head and she’d cover her with a veil if it was too windy. She would recite rhymes for her, softly and calmly, she would sing ballads most men forgot.

The newborn had a pink skin, golden curly hair and soft and honest hands. She would reach for the pearl her mother had on her ring, as to impress the beauty of it forever in her mind.

In the future, once an adult and independent, she would always carry that ring with her so to find calm in it when she needed, suddenly touching it, she would get rid of any bad thoughts. She would start remembering her mother, those summer nights, those old ballads and that hug, strong and full of love.



Pink quartz and gold ring: a white gold signet holds a gray mabe pearl.

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