Some call her a fairy, but she considers herself a simple traveler.

She sailed across the oceans and climbed the highest mountains; she dived into the waters of rivers, the cold lakes of the north, and wandered on the hot sand of the farthest deserts. She visited cities, prayed in temples, churches and mosques, discovered new cultures and learnt new languages she didn’t even know existed.

She promised to herself never to let a second slip way, using her time the best she could. She decided she’d travel and live a life to the fullest: regrets are her biggest fear, discovering new things her biggest pleasure.

Those who were lucky enough to meet her say she is a kind woman, always happy but at the same time determined and willing to give a helping hand. Courageous, unpredictable, charitable, she doesn’t spend much time in the same place because she immediately feels the need to visit another place, to stay on her journey. Right now, she’s out there, living a full life.

You could never miss her as, if you ever get to see her, she’ll be wearing a ring on her finger which marks the beginning of her journey: fire opal, lightning gold and chalcedony coloured as Namibian rivers. Greet her, if you ever happen to shake her hand, because not everybody is granted this enormous fortune.

Call her a fairy, if you want, but she prefers calling herself a simple traveler of the world.



Namibian Chalcedony ring: the golden bezel holds a fire opal.

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