In the pearl, she would read the destiny of men, the misfortunes of fate, the future of the world. Desiring the ultimate secret, day after day she questioned the ring, she polished it with care, treated it as it were alive. The pearl would repay her with prophecies and visions, but would never unveil the secret.

Outraged by its utter silence, the clairvoyant threw the ring down the well and, for centuries and centuries, it remained on its hidden bottom. The water preserved the ring, it kept it from dusting and gave an even more mysterious veil to the pearl itself.

Still now, if looked from a short distance, its archaic power can be felt, the secret it holds in its perfect circumference. It whispers: the mystery of happiness.



Fumé Quartz ring: the golden bezel, embellished with diamonds and emeralds, holding a pearl.

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