So the warrior came close to the Gorgon without looking at her face, yet admiring its reflex on a quartz shield. Her curly hair was falling on the side of the bed, long and serpentine like hungry snakes, her hands were one on top of the other gathered under her breasts. Her chest was slowly rising and then falling down, following a regular and suffused breathing pattern. Without waking her up, the warrior sat next to her. He wielded his diamond sword and waved it above the head.

Then she opened her eyes.

Unsettled by that intense green color reflected in his shield, the warrior hesitated and couldn’t resist. He turned around and saw the most beautiful being he ever saw and was enchanted.

In the creature’s alcove now lies the warrior’s statue and beside it a statue for every man that succumbed. The woman with the peridot eyes is calmly walking in that mausoleum.


Rutilated Quartz ring: the white gold bezel, embellished with diamonds, holding a peridot.

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