The explorer dived into the deepness of the sea. He was looking for that coral that no one has ever been able to bring up to the surface and legends say it would grow and live only in such a remote place.

So he descended and didn’t stop until he reached the sandy depths.

Everything around him was dark and just when he felt the urge to reemerge, a bright light caught his attention. Enchanting and alluring, a siren with beautiful orange hair approached him. Her hair would wave suspended by the water stream, her fin allowed her to move with ease and confidence.

She played with the explorer, swam around him and smiled. In the end, without saying a single word, she took off a curl out of her hair andd mixed it with the dark water of the sea. She gave it to the man with a timid kiss and then left without a trace.

When the explorer reemerged he found a ring in the hand which had a coral stone: it was the coral of the legends.



Black Onyx ring: the golden bezel holds a cabochon coral.

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