Cielo: la terza sorella del Firmamento

Sky: the third sister of the Firmament

Three rings were given as a gift to the sisters of the Firmament.

The youngest, who rules the sky, received the summer afternoon Topaz. From a distance she might seem like a simple and happy girl, bright blue with no clouds. Don’t be deceived by her juvenile manners or her joy and happiness for living everyday fully.

She is capable of mature thinking and, if necessary, of formulating obscure thoughts as well.

She can transform herself into the deepest blue, when the clouds thicken and the rain threatens to fall on the ground.

Pure, yet unpredictable is the Youngest: currents, winds and nimbuses mash up within her. She lights up during a storm, playing with lightning. The pouring rain is her friend, the hailstorm condenses in her womb.

Although there’s nothing she loves more than snow: like a sparkling diamond shower, she is cheered up by looking at it falling and turning the soil white. This is her gift to the earth.


London Blue Topaz scalloped ring with white gold. In the center a black onice ring and diamond pave.

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