What is TIG

If you find yourself asking “what is TIG ?”, saying that we’re talking about a young jewelry designer backed up by a thirty years tradition in crafting is by far reductive.

Your memories and ideas are essential in the process of turning matter into life giving it a shape and a soul.

Our Soul

TIG’s experience will materialize your desires without limiting them to a mere mimetic representation, yet giving them the life and beauty they deserve. A union between your essence and our designing abilities will give you the perfection you are looking for in absolute elegance.

Your Desire

Our exclusive jewelry collection is composed by precious gems and rare minerals from all over the globe designed aiming towards innovation.

TIG jewels are designed around the individual and thus are unique.

A search for luxury which underlies an eternal journey towards beauty.


All prices are calculated according to the client’s specifications.


Desing and realization times are determined by material availability and manufacturing effort


All rings are handmade and have been crafted in collaboration with Italian master craftsmen.

 Most of the credit for the stories goes to Federico, friend and collaborator: his talent and his poetic skill give an extra value to every jewel.